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Why is Crypto Sentiment awesome?

Numerous independent and academic studies have confirmed the strong relationship between social media sentiment and crypto price movements.

Professional investors & institutes have been using sentiment analysis to monitor financial markets and gain a competitive advantage over individual investors for years. Causality’s crypto sentiment alerts level the playing field.

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“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”

– Warren Buffett

Great advice from one of the most successful investors of all time – but how do you know when others are greedy or fearful? Crypto sentiment can do exactly that.

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Crypto Sentiment Alerts Graphic Showing Graphs

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What is Crypto Sentiment?

Crypto sentiment is a measurement of what the market currently thinks about a coin, token, or the cryptocurrency market in general. Sentiment is determined by constantly monitoring what investors, analysts and the news are saying in social media. The posts are processed using sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms. From this we derive quantifiable metrics such as sentiment score, volume of posts, and signal strength.

For years professional investors and institutions have been using sentiment analysis to monitor financial markets. Causality’s crypto sentiment alert notification service puts advanced techniques that were previously only available to Wall Street into the hands of the individual investor.

The service allows users to define sentiment alerts against the coins that they’re following. Causality’s advanced analytics platform and machine learning models monitor social media sentiment in real time. Users are then notified of any change in market sentiment that exceed their defined thresholds.

The product supports notifications via Email, Telegram and Slack.

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Who is behind Crypto Sentiment?

Causality – an organization with deep expertise in data management & analytic solutions.

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